If you would seek health, look first to the spine (Socrates)

Greta’s interest in Pilates started once she approached dance professionally. She soon realised the link between the Austro-Hungarian dancer Rudolf Laban (she trained as a dancer at Laban building) and Joseph Pilates. She experienced herself the power of Pilates in overcoming dancing related injuries and improving her muscular strength.

Greta’s approach is built from the classical Pilates exercise adding on the most recent techniques and her personal background as a dancer and mover.

In the classes she is offering, you will find the program that most suits you. Whether you want a simple routine or specific exercises, this is the right place to start. Here below you can find the basic programs that I will offer. However, feel free to contact me if you want a personalised program.

1- Full Body Pilates

2- Pilates for Posture

3- Gentle Pilates

4- Pilates for Dancers

Duration: 1.00 h

Location: Online or in-person.

For more info or request do not hesitate to contact me: greta.isufaj@gmail.com